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HOW TO: Update FileMaker Pro 19 or 2023 for 6-in-1 Standalone or Server Edition on Windows 10/11

Installing incremental updates for FileMaker Pro 19 or 2023 along with plug-ins required by 6-in-1 on Windows 10/11.

FileMaker Pro 19 (FMP) is the engine that runs 6-in-1 on your desktop wether you are using Standalone or Server Edition.  When Server Edition is updated with the latest 6-in-1 database components (the usual annual update, at minimum), the client side of the equasion (FMP for 6-in-1) often also should be updated.  This guide steps through that process.  For Standalone Edition, the usual 6-in-1 updater can handle updating FMP as well as the 6-in-1 database files.  There are occasions, however, when only updating FMP is required.  This guide steps through that process.

Follow these steps on any workstation that is running 6-in-1.

  1. Download and install the FileMaker Updater:
    1. FileMaker 19 Updater
    2. FileMaker 2023 Updater
  2. Close 6-in-1 / FileMaker.

  3. Run the installer.  The installation wizard takes less than 30 seconds to run and has step-by-step instructions built in.

    NOTE:  You must have administrative priveleges to run the installer.


  4. Launch 6-in-1 as you normally would.

  5. You're done!



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