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HOW TO: Installing pdfFactory Pro for Windows 10

Step-by-step instructions for installing the desktop version of pdfFactory Pro, v3.52.

These are instructions for installing pdfFactory Pro v3.52 on your desktop computer.  If you are using Citrix or a Remote Desktop type environment, please refer to the server version of this article, HOW TO: Installing pdfFactory Pro for Windows Server (RDS, Citrix, etc.).

Step-by-Step Instructions

NOTE:  If InheriTax or a prior version of 6-in-1 has been on your computer before, you may already have this useful tool installed.  If not, the installation is optional but highly recommended, and included at no additional charge.  You can check to see if it has been installed by going to Add/Remove Programs, or by checking your Printer devices for ‘pdfFactory Pro’.


  1. Double-click on PdfPro352.exe to begin the installation process.  If UAC prompts for confirmation, press Yes.

  2. Next, press Setup to begin installation.

  3. You will be asked to accept the terms of the licensing agreement.

  4. After installation, a confirmation prompt will be presented.  Press OK.

  5. Next, open the License Info file and copy the license key.

  6. Then, open the Print dialog:

  7. Select the pdfFactory Pro printer, then press Print:

  8. You will be prompted to enter the registration info.  Because you copied the registration code, it will be automatically populated.  If it didn’t, enter it now.  Also enter the name, exactly, as The Lackner Group, Inc.  Finally, press OK.

  9. Press OK at the Thank You prompt, and then close pdfFactory Pro using the close window button.

  10. Set your default printer inside InheriTax or 6-in-1:  If you’re using 6-in-1, go to #11.  If you’re using InheriTax, go to #12.

  11. In 6-in-1, the ‘Printer Setup’ button can be reached from the Hub & Spokes menu in either Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced.

  12. In InheriTax, the ‘Printer Setup’ button for InheriTax can be reached from the Correspondant screen.

  13. You’re done!


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