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What version of FileMaker and/or 6-in-1 am I running?

How to quickly identify the software version you're running.

When determining the version of your 6-in-1 installation, there are two (and sometimes three) main components that you should be aware of:  FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server (for multi-user installations only), and 6-in-1 databases.  This article helps you identify what versions you're running.

Three easy methods


In most cases, the information you need is quickly visible on the opening "License" screen when you first login to 6-in-1 as displayed by the screen shots in Figures 1 and 2, or the main "Hub & Spokes" screen (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced):

Figure 1:  Customers running FileMaker 11

Figure 2:  Customer running FileMaker 19

Note that Figure 1 shows that the customer is running the March 12, 2022 version of 6-in-1 databases, "2022-071".  The GENERAL FileMaker version info is indicated by 'v10' or 'v19', respectively.  Version v10 indicates FileMaker 10 or 11, while v19 indicates version 17 thru 19.  Most of the time, this is all we need to know.  If more detailed information is needed, continue reading.


"Show 6-in-1 Version Information" Button

For users on 6-in-1 Version 2022-073 and later, there is a hidden button to quickly show all relevant version information.  See Figure 3:

Figure 3:  "Show 6-in-1 Version Information" menu command

In this case, we're running Database Version 2022-073, FileMaker Pro version 11.0v3, and since it's a multi-user installation, we can see that the server version is FileMaker Server 11.0v5.   If this were a Standalone installation, the server line would not be present.


Detailed Info via Privacy Notice

All version details can be obtained from our Privacy Notice screen as detailed in Figures 4 and 5:

Figure 4:  Click the 'Privacy Notice' button from any main menu screen

Figure 5:  Privacy Notice information





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